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The Kurt Hucke-Medal will be awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of glacial erratic boulder science, its popularisation and the associated work with young talents.
The general meeting decides on proposals of the board or of members for the award.
Extract from §3.3 of the statutes of the Gesellschaft für Geschiebekunde e.V.

Kurt Hucke (1882 – 1963) was a founding member of the predecessor organisation of the Gesellschaft für Geschiebekunde e.V.. Together with E. Voigt (most recently in Hamburg), he wrote the standard work “Einführung in die Geschiebeforschung”, which is still significant today. Furthermore, he was significantly involved in the reaction work of the organ Zeitschrift für Geschiebeforschung (1925-1944).

JahrNameLebensdatenBekanntgabe in
2014Alfred O. Ludwig(* 09.05.1927)Ga 30 (1-2): 46ff
2014Alfred Buchholz(* 17.01.1937)Ga 30 (1-2): 46ff
2015Michael Zwanzig(* 19.06.1953)Ga 31 (4): 125
2018Gerhard Schöne(* 30.10.1942)Ga 34 (3): 100ff
2021Roland Vinx(* 29.11.1944)Ga 37 (3): 90ff
2021Manfred Kutscher(* 25.11.1943)Ga 37 (3): 93ff
2021Karlheinz Krause(* 29.08.1932; † 15.01.2021 )Ga 37 (3): 85ff
2023Werner A. Bartholomäus(* 18.04.1950; † 02.05.2023 )Ga 39 (2): 66ff

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